Cast Bronze Plaques

A cast bronze plaque is a plaque cast in a sand mold and made from molten bronze ingot.
A cast bronze plaque starts with an art file. We then turn your art file into a photo polymer which is basically a soft plastic textured background with raised lettering. We then adhere the polymer to a metal or wood pattern which is then cast in a mold, cleaned up and finished to your specifications.
We offer all types of cast Bronze & cast Aluminum plaques and seals:
Cast bronze Dedication & Memorial plaques
Cast bronze plaques with sculpted portraits, photos and etchings
Cast bronze donor plaques
Cast bronze plaques for synagogues
Cast bronze plaques for Churches
Cast bronze plaques for non profits
Cast bronze plaques for Hospitals
Please take your time and look through all of our different sections, and if you don't see what you want.  Please don't hesitate to call or email me for personal service.
Our on staff sculptor can create a bas-relief images of any photo you supply or our graphics department can create a flat relief image if that's what you require.
We offer rush services on all plaques.  Delivery can be made as fast as 7 working days on any sculpted or flat relief plaque.
There is no limit on what font that you use.  Choose any font from you PC or Mac and simply let us know that name and we will use it.  The smallest letter that we can cast is 1/4" high on Cast Bronze & Cast Aluminum plaques.
If your project requires smaller lettering then we can simply move to our etching process and then we can likely acomate your smaller font size.

Cast Bronze Sculpted Border Styles