Cast Bronze Seals & Logos

Cast bronze seals and logos can be created in 2 different ways, Cast sculpted relief / Bas-relief and Cast flat relief.

Sculpted relief refers to a process where we sculpt the photo or logo with high and low areas.  To make this simple, just run your hand down your face, your eyes go in and your nose sticks out.  This is what you achieve with a sculpted relief image.  We can do almost anything from a persons face to a simple flower.  Just send us your image and we will quote on it.

Flat relief refers to a process where we create black and white lines to create an image whether it's a flat relief face or a full military seal we can draw it. Lettering on a plaque is considered flat relief.  It's raised off the surface of the plaque and smooth at the surface which is exactly what a flat relief image looks like.  Don't let the term "flat" fool you, it is raised.   We have a full art department to create whatever you can think of.